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Participant Spotlight: Alastair Creamer

Alastair CreamerAlastair Creamer founded and developed ‘Catalyst’, one of the most innovative programmes of creative training and inspiration, which won several awards, before co-founding Creamer and Lloyd.  Before that he spent 12 years in the arts with a stint as Dean of Faculty at the London College of Music and Media. Alastair was educated as a musician but when he chose to stop playing, he discovered other creative channels – acting, directing, writing and painting. Alastair is also a trustee of Room 13 international – an organisation that helps place professional artists in primary schools all over the world to create art studios run by the children for the children

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

When we listen to music, a certain song or track can vividly take us back to another time and place.  It can also make us vividly aware of the present moment. This workshop invites you to think of a memory that is triggered by a specific piece of music, or it may be that you start with the music and that triggers the memory.  Either way, we will write down our songs and the memory associated with it.  We’ll play your track beforehand so you can immerse yourself in your own little piece of history, encouraging you to recall as much detail as possible – what were you wearing; who else was there; do you remember any smells; how did you feel?  The workshop will culminate in a sharing of our music stories together as a group, celebrating the power of music in our lives.


The Art of Reflection

Using a painting as a starting point, Alastair Creamer invites you to experience the world around you in a whole new way.  Put all your worries on ‘pause’ and live in the present.  Breathe.  Stop.  Listen.  And look.  What will you see?  Using art, music and your own way with words, Alastair will guide you on a journey that starts with a picture and ends with a reflection about yourself.  Come and find out more about the way you see, hear and express your experience of the world.


Reclaiming the Streets: Blue Plaque Moments

Which streets are yours in Deptford? Which shops, buildings and open spaces?  If you could re-name these streets and spaces, who or what would you name them after?  What’s happened that should be recorded?  Blue Plaque Moments gives you the opportunity to make Deptford yours.  Do you think you deserve to have a street named after you?  What about your Mum or Dad? Alastair Creamer invites you to share your Deptford stories, memories and moments.  He’ll make some of these into a Blue Plaque Moment and you can be photographed next to your plaque.  Come to reclaim and rename the neighbourhood, making your mark on the streets themselves. Long Live Deptford!


At Wilderness (August 2015)

He Aint Heavy…

Do you know someone who’s still in the process of finding their place in the world? How can we find fresh and inspiring ways to help others, and in doing so, find out more about who we really are? Alastair Creamer, Eyes Wide Opened expert, will be leading an interactive workshop promoting creative tools we can learn to inspire generous living in the moment through action – championing being truly present to those around us, releasing what is within us for the benefit of the world. The event will include an exploration of others through viewing ourselves with openness and a playful attitude, offering engaging challenges to expand the workshop well after the event is over.


2 Minute Interview

How do your workshops with NOW Live Events relate to being in the moment?

My sessions are all about focusing on something and really noticing and appreciating it, whether that’s a song lyric, a painting or a moment of personal history.  All other distractions will be put to one side.  When we do focus, the experience is deeper, more meaningful.  We’re all searching for greater meaning.  This is a good place to start!

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Live Events slot?

Meeting new people, hearing their stories and helping them make some small, personal, breakthroughs as concerns what they have to offer to the wider community.

I have no idea who’s going to walk into my sessions, and that’s exciting.  It’s the people present who will make it a success.

Any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your workshop with NOW Live Events?

Just come along with an open mind and a willingness to be engaged.  the chances are you’ll have fun and walk away with a thought or idea that you didn’t have when you arrived.

Be prepared to make a small change in how you live your life going forward.


Alastair’s Past Events with NOW

Psychologies Magazine Event Series (May 2017)

Creative thinker, consultant, coach and Eyes Wide opened co-founder, Alastair Creamer, helps you explore how to find a job that you love. What did you want to be when you grew up? What sort of work would make you feel content? Alistair will share 10 illuminating ideas, and valuable techniques, to help you uncover new opportunities and create a satisfying work life. He will guide you as you identify which questions you should ask, and how to reveal the answers that will change your life.

You will learn:

  • How to pinpoint where you’re starting from, and where you’re heading
  • Which qualities you should foster to adapt to the changing world of work
  • Why your interests and passions are more important than you realise
  • To redefine your story, and choose what to tell others
Psychologies Magazine Event Series (September 2015)
Would you Take your Own Career Advice?

Alastair Creamer will help you become the best role model you can be to those at a career crossroads – be it your best friend, partner, sibling, your teenager, or yourself.  Learn how to be both pragmatic and inspirational.  The acid test is, would you take your own career advice? 

This workshop will help you to:

  • Learn what being a brilliant role model actually entails
  • Develop your listening skills and ability to ‘read’ other people
  • Unlock a ‘fixed’ mindset and approach
  • Get better at braver conversations
  • Improve your technique at translating life’s experiences into useable qualities and skills
  • Learn some of the best questions to ask someone who’s stuck in a rut
Psychologies Magazine Event Series (November 2014)

Am I in the Right Job?

In this powerful, interactive session, leading creative thinker, coach and energetic Eyes Wide Opened co-founder Alastair Creamer will reveal the most powerful questions to ask yourself ahead of a big career decision or shift within your current place of employment and help you to get both mind and heart in the right place for career fulfilment. You have the answers, says Creamer. This will help bring them to the forefront.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Decide what kind of work really suits you
  • Create a more meaningful job where you are right now
  • Work out what’s next if you’re not in the right job
  • Ask yourself the right questions about work and what it means to you
  • Learn why ‘What do you want to do?’ is the wrong question  /