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NOW Festival 2013

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NOW Live Events are fantastically creative, combining big ideas with great attention to detail, seeking out the undiscovered and the unpredictable, putting on events and festivals that shift perceptions and change lives for the better. –James Runcie (Head of Literature, Southbank Centre)

I was surprised there was so much one on one engagement between the hosts and the audience. It felt really lovely and intimate – I will definitely be booking again in future. –Anne

I am involved in some meditation and mindfulness classes already but NOW is much broader and all encompassing – it’s a whole experience. I have learnt tools I can take away and use. I have also learnt how to respond more positively to people and situations no matter what may be happening. –Rita (Wilderness Festival)

It was hugely useful to be aware of the amount of external stimuli that we are susceptible to. When I work in the office it feels like your mind is full of bumblebees and constantly busy and we just accept that as the default state. It was great to learn about ways to stay calm and mindful in the middle of all that.  A really valuable experience, thank you. –Clare (Wilderness Festival)

THANK YOU – I did the Guerrilla Science drawing workshop and had me a third row seat, it was great to hear her (the scientist) speak. The drawing was very instructive. Excellent selection. Thanks again, keep on inspiring people to live in the NOW – best weekend I’ve had for YEARS!! –Veronica (Wilderness Festival)

I felt really engaged – the event gave a lot of research and insight. It was all backed up with practical knowledge and a nice mix of research, science and practical advice (Claudia Hammond ‘Make More Time’ event, 29 January 2014)

It was life-affirming and helped me focus on the tasks ahead of me. It re-attuned me to who I am. –Libby

Very well organised, well advertised and not something I would normally do – it was really enlightening! –Julia

We now feel like our goals are achievable because of tonight’s event. It was really engaging, practical and we liked the 10 short steps — learning to not reach too far and make goals realistic and doable –Sylvia & Eamon

I found it very interesting, lots of practical hints and tips. I will be on the look out for future workshops, would love to come to more. –Rebecca



Really fun evening at @nowliveevents with @PsychologiesMag & some great actionable take aways! Thanks guys :) –@FranSearle

Thanks to the organisers of @nowliveevents for a fab event tonight…and setting the 30 day goal challenge. Procrastination IN YOUR FACE!!! –@BethR_Carnac

Thanks @nowliveevents @PsychologiesMag and @claudiahammond for a fascinating eve about time — one more book on my pile (and signed too!) :-) –@SarahBSeymour

@claudiahammond an excellent evening, thank you and @nowliveevents @PsychologiesMag, time’s on my side now! –@ackwa_inc

@nowliveevents Great event @ConwayHall with @claudiahammond last night. Totally worth the trip. Time very well spent. Thank you! – @GillDeCosemo

Great talk @Rubywax at #bishopsgate institute courtesy @PsychologiesMag amazing to see Ruby live. She is so funny and charming. –Karine Torr

Great talk by @Rubywax on mindfulness, mental health & burn out tonight at @nowliveevents in @BishopsgateInst with @PsychologiesMag :) –Craftivist Collective


Testimonials from NOW Artists & Participants

I hope we see a lot more of NOW Festival. It centres people that are otherwise scattered, it is the yin to the yang and gives things a weight. What a great launch! –Ruby Wax, NOW Workshop Leader

Mindfulness is the practice of being able to notice what is going on moment to moment. It is exactly what NOW are bringing into society. This might sound nebulous, but the fact is, if we are aware of what is going on in our experience we have a much better basis to choose to do things in our lives which are fruitful and positive. And if we can do that, we can make a better future –Mark Leonard from Mindfulness Exchange, NOW Workshop Leader

Improvisation is a permanent ‘walking around the place’ meditation, you don’t have to sit and be quiet to meditate. You can meditate just by noticing what you’re doing moment to next. NOW offer so many ways into mindfulness through other means –John-Paul Flintoff, NOW Workshop Leader

NOW is of the banana lineage. What happens to other fruit if it is left next to a banana? It ripens. NOW is here to accelerate the ripening of everyone –Jamie Catto, NOW Workshop Leader