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Participant Spotlight: Vanessa King

Vanessa King

Vanessa has spoken at many UK and international conferences, workplaces, universities and schools. And she’s led workshops, been a panel member or hosted sessions at a number of festivals including:The London Literary Festival, Festival of Love at London’s Southbank, Wilderness, How the Light Gets In, Interrogate at Dartington, Happiness and its Causes, Sydney and LaughFest in Michigan.

Vanessa is a Board Member  of  Action for Happiness, the UK based not-for-profit. Vanessa has two psychology degrees, including a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania with Martin Seligman, founding father of the field.]

At Margate Bookie (August 2016)

10 Keys To Happiness

Vanessa King’s first book, The 10 Keys to Happier Living, is out now. Vanessa is a leading expert on the practical application of the science of happiness, resilience and wellbeing in our everyday lives. She’s written for the Guardian , Huffington Post, PsychologiesMagazine and has been featured by Sunday Telegraph Magazine. / Facebook@actionhappiness / Literary Agents

Vanessa’s Past Events with NOW

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Happiness Now

What is happiness? Why does it matter? What helps us to be happier? In this interactive session, Vanessa King of Action for Happiness will help us unpack what happiness means to us and why it matters personally, at home, at work and for our communities. She’ll help us explore some of the key ingredients for happiness, how what we notice makes a difference and we’ll try out some actions we can take in our daily lives that can help us, and others, to feel good and function well day-to-day.

At Wilderness (August 2015)

Creativity for ‘Non-creatives’

Why should artists have all the fun? Creativity isn’t just for them it’s for all of us – in all the different aspects of our lives. Come and explore what creativity means to you and how you can experience more of it. In this interactive and playful session, positive psychology and happiness expert Vanessa King will challenge your thinking and get your sleeves rolled up, focusing the attention on what is happening in the here and now.

Psychologies Magazine Event Series (June 2015)

Making the Most of Your Strengths

What are your greatest strengths and how are you using them in your life? What are the best things about you and how could you bring them out more? Often our focus is on what isn’t right with us. Scientific research shows that becoming more aware of our strengths and using them has lots of benefits, like making us more happy, confident and more likely to be successful at home and at work. Leading this session is Vanessa King, positive psychology expert and director of workplaces for Action for Happiness. Vanessa works with many organisations identifying and developing talent.

This interactive session will help you:

  • Identify your signature strengths and reflect on how you currently use them in your life.
  • Explore ideas to use your strengths more often and in new and creative ways.
  • Leave with a personal action plan, having gained more energy, and hopefully made new connections, too.