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Participant Spotlight: Tom Chatfield

Tom ChatfieldTom Chatfield is a British author, broadcaster and tech philosopher. His six books exploring technology and society have been translated into over two dozen languages. A faculty member at the School of Life and visiting associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, he’s interested in what it means to use technology well — and when you shouldn’t be using it at all.

At Margate Bookie (August 2016)

Finding Peace in the Digital Age

Take a moment to ask questions that really matter to you in this event with author Dr Tom Chatfield, using his guide to deeper living, Live This Book. In this interactive session exploring quality time, we will think about what it mean to live in a digital age and push back against haste, information overload and hyper-connectivity; and to take time to think more clearly and deeply about the only place you can actually be fully at home, in the peace of your own mind…

Live This Book!

Step away from the screen. In an age of disposable media vying for our attention, author of “Live This Book!” Dr. Tom Chatfield presents inspirations and exercises for directing your attention toward the ideas, people and relationships that really matter. How long is it since you learned a completely new skill, celebrated your best habits, or uncluttered your mind and took stock? Put away your phone, leave your email unanswered, and give some undivided attention to things that really count — and to yourself. / @TomChatfield

Tom’s Past Events with NOW

At Wilderness Festival (August 2014)

Author and technology theorist Tom Chatfield looks at the digital age’s escalating competition for our attention and how to take back control, also considering technology and time: what does it mean to make best use of technology’s opportunities in our lives to be more present in the here and NOW?