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Participant Spotlight: Sparky and George

Sparky and GeorgeSparky and George is an exciting collaboration with its initial conception having a bra shop to thank as a meeting place for two like-minded creatives! We aim to explore, listen and play with people from many different backgrounds in order to create something new, relevant and extraordinary.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

Trampoline: A Play Date for Adults

When was the last time you got silly and had a whole bunch of fun? Fun doesn’t have to be just for kids. If you ever feel tired of being a grown up, with too many responsibilities and no play time, this is for you! (Likewise, if you are a grown up who still plays, come and share that magic!) Join Anna and Lydia, also known as Sparky and George, for an interactive workshop, including a performance and film screening. You can expect lots of games, lots of exploring and definitely lots of FUN. / Facebook