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Secret Garden Party 2015

Secret Garden Party 2015


NOW Live Events’ Morning Takeover
Saturday 25th July, 11:00am – 1:00pm

NOW are over the moon to be back at glorious SGP – the place where our NOW journey began! – for a new morning exploring our favourite themes: the arts and mindfulness.
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11:00am – 12:00pm

NOW Live Events at Secret Garden PartyThe Art of Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Dr. Tamara Russell

Many of us would love to experience the benefits of mindfulness but struggle to integrate the traditional practices into our everyday lives. In this interactive workshop, neuroscientist, clinical psychologist and leading mindfulness expert Dr. Tamara Russell presents a radical new approach to mindfulness that takes it off the cushion and into the real world. This interactive, workshop will be a mixture of brain science, martial arts theory, psychology and practical exercises – where you will discover: how you don’t need to be sitting still or lying down to meditate; how anything you do, you can do mindfully; pioneering techniques that help you easily integrate mindfulness into a busy lifestyle and how to practise mindfulness any time, anywhere.

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Mind, body and soul? – Andy Gibson & Mindapples

What do we mean when we talk about being ‘spiritual’? Can spirituality lead us to destroy real things in pursuit of imaginary things? How can we appreciate the beauty and wonder of reality? Andy Gibson, founder of Mindapples and author of A Mind for Business, explores how our attitudes to the ‘spiritual’ have changed over the centuries, and explores what spirituality might be – questioning whether it can sometimes take us further away from the here and now, or bring us closer to reality. 


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