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Secret Garden Party 2013

Secret Garden Party is in its 11th year as a music and arts festival promoting all forms of expression. It is aesthetically dazzling, rich in content, always aiming to create community and spread fresh ideas.

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Secret Garden Party 2013

NOW Festival’s Alternative Living Morning

Secret Garden Party – The Forum
Saturday 27 July, 10am-1pm

Join our inimitable NOW Festival troupe at Secret Garden Party. NOW Festival’s ‘Alternative Living Morning’ at SGP’s Forum explores how we might think about living differently and discovers roads less traveled for your delectation and delight. With contributions from some of the UK’s most unique thinkers, the morning will focus on creativity, the mind, connection, time perception, mindfulness and much more. All will be served with a generous dose of fun. Expect to be surprised. The morning will feature adventurers, experts and innovators, including: NOWFestival_Logo_2013

Claudia Hammond, the award-winning broadcaster, writer, psychology lecturer and presenter of ‘All in the Mind’ & ‘Mind Changers ‘on BBC Radio 4.

Jamie Catto, director of the double Grammy nominated film ‘1 Giant Leap’ and founder member of Dance Music super-group Faithless, trailblazer of creative master-classes sparking personal breakthroughs.

Andy Gibsoncreator of the “5-a-day for your mind” campaign with Mindapples and the education marketplace School of Everything.

Mark Leonard of Mindfulness Exchange, turning the science of mindfulness from Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre into training with the best-selling book, ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (by Mark Williams and Danny Penman).

We will also offer a taste of NOW Festival’s workshops at the Forum and within SGP, including short mindfulness classes with The Mindfulness Exchange and awe-inspiring stone balancing workshops with Responsible Fishing UK.

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Secret Garden Party 2013
Photograph by Danny North.