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Participant Spotlight: Sarah Hickson

Sarah HicksonSarah Hickson wasn’t the kind of kid who picked up a camera at the age of six & never looked back. She preferred drawing to photography when she was growing up, & owned messy boxes of charcoal and soft pastel sticks. Then as a teenager, she all but abandoned her sketchbooks for music. Her father was a photographer, & she remembers being fascinated by his rangefinder camera – the dials on the manual light-meter, the blue flash bulbs, the worn, dark brown leather camera case. She never tired of looking through his colour slides that they would project onto a small screen set up in the living room.

Sarah is interested in exploring movement, texture & spontaneity in her images & prefers to work with the available light – outdoors or indoors –  allowing the light conditions to contribute to the atmosphere of the picture. Sarah is based in London, but since Autumn 2009 she has made extensive trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Morocco & India, where she has  worked on a range of artistic & documentary assignments, as well on personal projects including a festival in the Sahara Desert (Morocco), on an 8,000 km train journey round India, on tour in the UK with the Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra (from the DRC).


At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

The Slow Creative (with Jackee Holder)

We are fast becoming a society that favours speed over slow but what if slow actually creates more time, not less?

The slow creative workshop brings together local artists Sarah Hickson and Jackee Holder in a multi media workshop bringing together the art of slow writing and the art of slow photography. The growth of taking photos on iPhones and tablets means we have morphed into a nation that doesn’t really look. We click but we don’t really see and we miss so much about the images we capture on our cell phones and tablets.

Sarah will introduce you to the fine delicacies of looking and seeing and Jackee will seduce you to savour the images and sensations in words in a series of slow writing and walking prompts using the back drop of our lived environments. This workshop is open to beginning photographers, writers and for those seeking inspiration for their creative businesses and projects. The workshop also welcomes those working in a range of professions who want to slow down but are not sure how to make that happen in a meaningful way.


At Wilderness (August 2015)

Photography Without a Camera

So many of us take photographs at every available opportunity, recording much of our lives and experiences on camera. Whether we’re using a smart phone or a full-frame digital SLR, we want to record that special event, capture the atmosphere, share the emotions.  But how many of us are frustrated because what we see in our head, and the way the picture actually turns out are often quite different?

This workshop led by photographer Sarah Hickson offers an opportunity to stop and think about taking pictures – WITHOUT a camera in our hands.  By taking the time to consider some simple questions, and through a series of practical exercises, this workshop will help you think differently about your photography. It will encourage you to be be more present as you take pictures and will give you some great tips to sharpen your senses. It will help you think about how you ‘see’ things and how to translate what you see into a great photo. 


2 Minute Interview

How does your workshop with NOW Live Events relate to being in the moment?

“You can’t walk that fast if you want to be a photographer! Slow down!” That’s what Dariusz Klemens, a Polish photographer and great friend and mentor said to me when I first travelled with him in India. It’s not just about speed in the literal sense, of course; sometimes you need to move fast to get the picture you want. It’s about a way of looking at the world, of engaging with the moment, noticing, observing, allowing things to unfold and reveal themselves to you. We’re often so focused on ‘getting somewhere’, caught up in the hysteria of 21st century urban living, that we find it hard to slow down. In this workshop we will start to explore how to see things differently, how to capture in a photograph what you’ve seen, and how to convey something of the emotion of the moment in the picture. That’s what makes an image personal, and what makes a viewer look twice.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Live Events slot?

I’m looking forward to working with the group to explore new ideas and approaches, and to sharing my own experiences and photographic journey with participants. It will be an opportunity for each participant to work individually and to reflect on personal ideas, but I think we’ll all benefit from the different experiences and stories that the participants will bring, and that will make it a very enriching and engaging experience. I’m also delighted to be co-leading a workshop with Jackee Holder and to be sharing the benefits of her thoughtful and mindful approach to writing.

Any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your workshop with NOW Live Events?

At Deptford Lounge: Come with an open mind, a sense of curiosity, and no concerns about the level of expertise you have as a photographer. Just knowing that you’ve set the time aside to do this workshop is a great start!

At Wilderness: Come with an open mind, a sense of curiosity – and no camera! But be prepared to think afresh about how you ‘see’ – whether you’re someone who likes to take pictures not.  /  Tumblr