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Participant Spotlight: Responsible Fishing UK

Responsible Fishing UKResponsible Fishing UK is an arts collective established by artist James Brunt and photographer Timm Cleasby. They work together on a series of projects to create dramatic installations and images, developing big ideas with minimal environmental impact. They offer workshops, creative sessions and demonstrations for festivals, events, schools or corporate and community groups.

2 Minute Interview:

How do your workshops at NOW Festival relate to being in the moment?

Stone balancing requires you to be 100% focused on feeling for the slightest resistance between the two stones.  Without being completely in tune with that moment it would be very difficult to successfully find that point of balance. It’s a very stange feeling, often I’m so focussed on that moment, the relationship between me and the stones, I’m completely unaware of any one around me watching.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Festival slot?

Encouraging others to have a go!  Whilst seemingly impossible, it is actually something you can pick up quite quickly.  It’s more people’s own perceptions that are the biggest barrier.  We also really enjoy seeing how people approach it and we’re often amazed by the work that is created.  We’re always learning from other people’s creations.

Do you have any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your workshops at NOW Festival?

Get stuck in and put yourself in the moment!

At NOW Festival (Secret Garden Party & Wilderness):

James and Timm from Responsible Fishing will be demonstrating the increadible art of Stone Balancing, creating seemily impossible, finely balanced sculpture using nothing but stones, gravity and patience. Stone balancing takes a simple starting point, three points of contact between the two stones, to create intricate constructions that incorporate counter balancing and weight distribution to form these unbelievable temporary sculptures. / @ukrfchaps