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Participant Spotlight: Rachel Briscoe

Rachel BriscoeRachel Briscoe is an artist, theatre-maker and creative director of fanSHEN. She completed her training as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 2015; she uses the Method as part of fanSHEN’s approach to inviting creativity.

The Feldenkrais Method is about paying attention to yourself — a lot of the time we move or sit or lie in a certain way because we’ve developed a habit — and not because it’s the best way to do that thing. And because it’s a habit, we’ve often lost sight of there being any other way to do that particular thing. Using gentle movements, Feldenkrais is a way to explore doing things differently, to find more ease, or comfort. Lessons take place lying on the floor. You’ll be talked through a series of movements that unpick your habits, help you become aware of yourself, and open up new possibilities. Afterwards, you might be aware of moving differently, breathing more easily or of generally feeling more at home in yourself.

Feldenkrais is suitable for anyone — you are encouraged to work at your own pace. Some people do it to overcome injuries or pain; others enjoy the ease it brings to their performance in sports, music, dance or just living.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

At Home in Ourselves: Using the Feldenkrais Method

Home is important to all of us and yet many of us turn a blind eye to how at home we feel in ourselves – ignoring that back pain, that weird clicking sound in our ankle when we run, or just the overall unpleasant feeling of feeling tense. Rachel Briscoe will use the Feldenkrais Method to help you become aware of yourself and any ways that you move, sit or lie that could be tweaked to make you more at ease in your body. Using gentle movements, you will be able to unravel body habits and explore ways of doing things differently to find more ease and comfort. This event is suitable for anyone and can be taken at your own pace.  /  @fanshentheatre