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Participant Spotlight: Prompt Arts

Prompt ArtsPrompt Arts is the brainchild of writer Nicholas Christiaan and performer Sean Bruno. In their separate teaching experiences they realised that often one of the greatest barriers to the novice writer is the unlimited potential of the empty page itself. Students can be too focused on what to write rather than writing. To combat this they began to create a series of fun and accessible systems, games and platforms to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to explore their writing skills though the acts of observation, choice and response.

Prompt Arts aim to take writing prompts to the next level and encourage everyone to write. All you need is a good prompt!

We produce bespoke writing materials and literacy resources and our Life Writing sessions are a unique twist on the traditional writing prompts – they are a fun way of making writing entertaining and sociable.  /  @prompt_arts

Prompt Arts’ Past Events with NOW

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Life Writing Studio

The Prompt Arts Life Writing Studio is where writing workshop meets artist’s studio. You are encouraged to create and live in the moment. The workshop encourages you to focus on your response to objects (and corresponding sensations) taken from the area surrounding Deptford Lounge, actively engaging with the world around. Life Writing is a completely informal event for anyone, regardless of experience. There is an optional reading and the opportunity to have your work published in our online magazine.