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Southbank Centre: Changing Minds | 7 February 2016

Changing Minds

Southbank CentreChanging Minds

Saturday 6 February 2016 – Sunday 7 February 2016

What is it like to live with a mental health problem?

Over 450 million people around the world have issues with mental health. How can friends and family best support a loved one who is suffering? How can the arts place us in the shoes of a person with a particular condition – and perhaps even take the sting out of the stigma?

Hear from speakers in the arts and sciences, politics and pop culture, as well as those who have learned to live with a particular problem.

Sunday Talk: Mindfulness

(with Dr Tamara Russell, Jen Hyatt, Rohan Gunatillake and Jana Stefanovska of NOW Live Events)

Can this ancient Buddhist practice be just as effective as modern medicine? Can mental health and artistic endeavour benefit from the increased awareness, clarity and acceptance that mindfulness can nurture? Delving into this topic is Dr Tamara Russell, clinical psychologist and mindfulness trainer; Jen Hyatt, CEO and founder of Big White Wall; Rohan Gunatillake, creative director of Mindfulness Everywhere and of the buddhify app; and Jana Stefanovska, director of NOW Live Events.