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Participant Spotlight: Philip Cowell & The You and Me Workshop

Philip CowellPhilip Cowell is a writer, clown, mindfulness teacher and is especially interested in making words stand out (sing!), finding the body (where did it go?), and thinking and feeling things. He did his clown training at the Circus Space and trained to be a mindfulness teacher with Bangor University. Philip has been published by Poetry Review and Ambit and runs workshops on everything from letter writing and singing to mindful movement, curiosity and more.


Philip’s Past Events with NOW
At Wilderness Festival (August 2014)

Mindfulness for Elevenses:

Enjoy a gentle introduction to NOW at Wilderness with wordsmith and mindfulness teacher Philip Cowell (and delicious cake). There will be breathing, sitting, standing and walking practices to help us arrive and enjoy Wilderness to the full.

Singing in the Moment:

Think mindfulness meets Gareth Malone. Come along and enjoy some very simple singing exercises to celebrate the present. No singing experience required, all shower singers wanted, and the worse you think you are at singing the better. With Philip Cowell (not Gareth Malone).

At Deptford Lounge (June 2014)

“What a curious feeling!” said Alice; “I must be shutting up like a telescope.”

How curious can we be? Anxiety, embarrassment, boredom, ambivalence, excitement: everything’s in the mix and it’s all up for grabs in this playful workshop that Alice in Wonderland would approve of. Our base will be the present moment, so we’ll go from there. It’s a kind of kindness training in the face of local and global anxiety. How generous can we be to ourselves and others in the act of curiosity?

At Wilderness Festival (August 2013):

The Now of Clown. Full of wonder and bewilderment, clowns and poets love being in the present. Take part in this highly lighthearted and hands-on clown and poetry workshop to practise funny and poetic skills with Philip Cowell from The You & Me Workshop. /