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Participant Spotlight: Dr. Ornella Corazza

Ornella CorazzaDr. Ornella Corazza is medical anthropologist with an interest in Mindfulness and Body-Image. She specialised in mind-body cultivation practices at the University of Tokyo in Japan. She lives in London and she is an active Zen practitioner.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

What is the Point of Mindfulness?

Ever feel frustrated that you are not able to create what you most want in your life?  We all need to create a clear idea of where we want to go and how to get there. This workshop will help you to find new ways of enhancing your creative potential, emotional wellbeing and relationships with others in order to achieve a successful future. We will explore topics related to nature, self-image and the practise of self-development by introducing relevant themes from the biological sciences and mindfulness practices. Practical activities include guided visualisation and meditation.

2 Minute Interview:

How does your workshop with NOW Live Events relate to being in the moment?

It is a mindfulness workshop which will help participants to appreciate the moment more fully.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Live Events slot?

Engaging with participants and inspire them to be more present in the moment.

Any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your workshop with NOW Live Events?

Free their minds from ordinary thoughts!