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Participant Spotlight: Nic Marks

Nic MarksNic Marks’ work in happiness and wellbeing research methodology is world-renowned.  His love of using applied statistics to ground wellbeing and happiness in hard evidence has led to worldwide acclaim and the realisation that happiness is a serious business.

He is perhaps best known for his trailblazing work on the Happy Planet Index, National Accounts of Well-being and the Five Ways to Well-being which is used extensively within health and education institutions as well as within governmental policy.  Nic is the founder of Happiness Works, an organisation that changes the world of work for the better through online tools and services.  He is also a fellow the UK think-tank, the New Economics Foundation, where he founded the award winning Centre for Wellbeing, as well as a board member of Action for Happiness.

A ‘statistician with soul’, Nic believes that happiness and contentment are not the result of the accumulation of wealth but rather comes from connecting with others, engaging with the world and gaining a sense of autonomy. Nic has shown that this is not just a theory but occurs in practice. Through statistical methods which can be used to measure happiness, Nic analyses and interprets evidence in such a way that it can be applied within business and organisations as well as policy fields including education, healthcare, economics and sustainable development.

Having written over 20 publications and authored one of the three original TEDbooks, ‘A Happiness Manifesto’, Nic’s accolades include Director Magazine Top 10 Original Thinker and Forbes 7 Most Powerful Ideas 2011.

At Wilderness (August 2015)

Happier Ways of Living

Sometimes finding happiness can seem elusive but recent psychological research is uncovering new (and old) ways of becoming happier.  In this interactive session, renowned happiness and wellbeing researcher Nic Marks will introduce five happier ways of living that – while being based on modern science – could just as easily come from ancient spiritual texts.  The five ways were originally produced for the UK Government Office of Science but they have been used in a huge variety of contexts globally, from kindergartens in Norway to helping heal the traumas of the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. Come along, experience the five ways and maybe you’ll leave finding happiness just a little less elusive.


Nic’s Past Events with NOW

Psychologies Magazine Event Series (April 2015)

Happiness at Work: A Crazy Idea or Realistically Achievable?

Typically we spend more than 100,000 hours at work in our lifetimes. After sleep, it’s our second biggest daily activity. So while being happy at work might sound weird – the alternative isn’t attractive. In this workshop – a mixture of interesting research and hands-on exercises – you will learn:

  • How happiness at work helps us perform better
  • How to be happier at work
  • How to create a happier workplace for you and your colleagues