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Participant Spotlight: Mark Stevenson / Ampersand Media

Mark Stevenson - Ampersand MediaAmpersand Media have created shows in cars, made plays with people spread all over the world, created songs in fields, and given one-on-one experiences in tents.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016) and at Margate Bookie (August 2016)

A House Full of Stories

Join the infamous local Ampersand Media for a fun and playful session for adults, children and families alike. All you need to do is to bring along an object that makes you think of home – it could be anything. Together we’ll use them to create playful stories, write songs and dream up scenes about what it means to live where you live or where you’d like to be. Fun guaranteed!  /  @ampersandmedia

Past Events with NOW

 At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Finding Ideas Through Play

Through play and silliness we create a lot of our best ideas. Ampersand Media will take you through the techniques that they use when creating their show ‘Storylines’. It will be silly. It will be ridiculous. You may laugh a lot, and hopefully by the end of the session you’ll feel that you have something you’re brave enough to perform. Come and experience the joy of being in the here and now.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015) & Wilderness (August 2015)

Singing in the Moment

Does singing give you the absolute fear? Would you like to sing with abandon in Deptford Lounge in the same way you do whilst pottering at home? Come and join in a joyous session of making up tuneful noise. We’ll play with the sound of our voices and write some wonderful songs, proving together that anyone can sing and make up music that reflects how they feel.