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Participant Spotlight: Janey Moffat / Craftimation Factory

Janey MoffattJaney is a multi media creative practitioner who has studied Art at West Dean College and English Literature at Leeds University.  Her love of creativity and words led her into a 15 year film and video career which took her to Qatar, Afghanistan, USA and other destinations. These days she mixes it up with stop motion animation, puppet making, print making and making a mess.  She fuses art with craft techniques for her job at The Craftimation Factory.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015) and Margate Bookie (August 2016)

Houses of Light

Janey Moffat from Craftimation Factory invites you to make your own ‘House of Light’ whilst considering what makes you light up and feel at home in your surroundings.  What makes your house a home?  What lights you up, and the people living there?  We will create light houses together using carboard, coloured cellophane, a glue gun and other decorative items.  The houses will be lit from within with LED lights.  Particularly suitable for children and their families.  /  Facebook

Janey’s Past Events with NOW

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Artwork Skull: Taboo Thoughts

Take part in an exploration of ourselves with Janey Moffat from Craftimation Factory, focusing on our ‘taboo thoughts’. You will be given access to a wide range of materials including fabric, cardboard and paint in order to create an artwork skull, meditating on why we don’t like to think about everyday subjects like death and mental health as a society.

Dump your junk 

Throughout the day on 6th July, you are invited to purge on paper everything you are carrying around in your head that you would ideally like to be free of.  The paper will be posted anonymously (sealed in an envelope) in a brightly coloured ‘post box’.  There will be a ceremonious reading of the dumped thoughts at the end of the day.