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Participant Spotlight: Jan Blake

Jan BlakeJan Blake is one of Europe’s leading storytellers who has been performing world-wide since 1986. She was born in Manchester, of Jamaican parentage and specialises in stories from Africa and the Caribbean. She took part in the Word Alive! 2004 project, performing at the National Theatre with Daniel Morden and Hugh Lupton and in 2005, performed her retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales at the South Bank Festival of Children’s Literature.

She has developed relationships with several major arts organisations, including the National Theatre, where she is the Consultant on Storytelling; the London Philharmonic Orchestra; and Battersea Arts Centre. She has performed at all major storytelling festivals, leads storytelling workshops for schools and universities and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio programmes. Her own storytelling company and school is the Akua Storytelling Project.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Storytelling Evening with Jan Blake

Join one of the leading storytellers, specialising in stories from Africa, the Caribbean and Arabia. 

Storytelling takes us on a journey of the imagination, encouraging us to engage the senses and savour the moment. Come and join Jan Blake to experience worlds of love, hate, trickery and fate. You will be joining gods, animals and human beings on their journeys through their lives and hear how they have become immortal through the tales of people. 

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