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Participant Spotlight: Richard Reynolds & Guerrilla Gardening

Richard ReynoldsRichard Reynolds of Guerrilla Gardening is on a mission to transform ‘neglected public corners into adopted gardens’. The global movement which has come to prominence in recent years has been fuelled by Richard’s blogging and broadcasting. Richard is a festival favourite in the UK, explaining why this is such a popular movement and how to do it. Through his blog, his book On Guerrilla Gardening and regular talks around the world, he has rallied many to do the same thing wherever they live and has this year joined guerrilla gardeners in actions in Bologna and Italy. When not gardening, Richard works as a freelance communications planner, and brings his professional experience of motivating behaviour change into his passion for getting people to plant wherever they spot the opportunity.

2 Minute Interview:

How does your talk at NOW Festival relate to being in the moment?

Get out there right NOW and get stuck in.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Festival slot?

Discovering who’s a guerrilla gardener and hearing their story.

Do you have any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your talk at NOW Festival?

Come with a bucket. I’ve got more sunflower seeds than I can plant myself.

At NOW Festival (Wilderness):

An invitation to discover the front line of horticulture in a genteel riot of colour. Richard will be sowing the seeds of revolution and giving some away too as he tells the tales of guerrillas around the world who are gardening beyond their boundaries, making scraps of land more beautiful, more tasty and, should you want to stop by to chat or join in, a lot more fun too. Richard founded nine years ago and has done much to popularise this loose global movement through his writing, talks and short films.