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Participant Spotlight: Freyja Sewell

Freyja SewellAt Wilderness Festival (August 2014)

Stop. Relax. Escape. Take a moment of calm in our very own meditation pod, this small enclosure allows users to completely immerse themselves in an environment where there is nothing to distract them from the sensation of their own bodies, allowing you to enjoy a moment of sensory concentration.

Freyja Sewell invites you to take part in an interactive investigation into colour – come sit inside and contribute to a giant chromatography diamond, this sit-in structure will change colour over the course of the weekend as ink seeps and separates up the fabric panels. Concentrate on the colours subtle movements and graduations in an effort to achieve mindfulness and physical awareness. Use the spray bottles provided to keep the panels wet, which will improve the movement, or if it’s raining let nature make its own contribution. Using 100% reclaimed materials in collaboration with Traid. (Created by Freyja Sewell, recently Designer in Residence at London Design Museum)

2 Minute Interview:

How does your artwork relate to being in the NOW?

With so much emphasis put onto the convenience of online interaction and exploration it is more and more important to cherish the real, the honest and the actual sensation of our bodies existence in a space.

What are you most looking forward to about your artwork at Wilderness? 

Sitting back and relaxing in it!

Any tips on how the audience can most benefit from your work? 

I recommend the users try and move out of the usual hedonistic festival mindset for a just a moment, and concentrate on what they can see, smell and hear, really focusing on what your body can sense allows us to connect better with it, and hopefully each other. @FreyjaSewell / Facebook