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Participant Spotlight: Ed Halliwell

Ed Halliwell

Ed Halliwell is the author of Into The Heart of Mindfulness, Mindfulness: How To Live Well By Paying Attention and (as co-author) The Mindful Manifesto. He leads mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats in London, Surrey and Sussex, and has introduced and taught mindfulness in many organisations. He is on the faculty of the School of Life in London and writes a regular blog for Mindful magazine. He is also an advisor to The Mindfulness Initiative, which is supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness to develop mindfulness-based policies for the UK.

At Margate Bookie (August 2016)

Into The Heart of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword for anyone seeking to ease the stresses of 21st -century life. Yet, despite what superficial approaches to the practice may lead us to believe, mindfulness is[]] not a cosy strategy for ‘glossing over’ life’s difficulties. In this interactive event, mindfulness expert Ed Halliwell examines how this practice can help us recognise and transform our unhelpful biases and habits, enable us to live more at peace with stress and uncertainty, cultivate cheerfulness and compassion, and lead us towards our life’s calling – if we are willing to journey to the heart of the practice. 

Author of The Mindful Manifesto, Ed Halliwell came to mindfulness in a desperate bid to be rid of anxiety and depression, and found a path that transformed his life in a way he hadn’t expected.  With practical advice, taster exercises and a refreshing honesty,  Ed will explore how opening to and working with the realities of our minds, bodies and day-to- day existence – rather than striving for positive results –can, paradoxically, help us rediscover a richly -nourishing, deeply-textured life. / @edhalliwell / Facebook

Ed’s Past Events with NOW

At Wilderness Festival (August 2014)

Ed Halliwell, on the faculty of the School of Life, will be leading mindfulness sessions in the NOW tent at the Wilderness Festival. In these sessions we will be exploring what mindfulness is, how it can be practised, and how it can be of benefit to our well-being. We’ll also look at some of the scientific research on mindfulness practice that has been produced in recent years.