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Participant Spotlight: Claudia Hammond

Claudia HammondClaudia Hammond is an award-winning broadcaster, writer and psychology lecturer. She is `the presenter of All in the Mind & Mind Changers on BBC Radio 4 and Health Check on BBC World Service Radio every week and BBC World News TV every month. She is a columnist for and often appears on TV to discuss research in psychology, and is on the part-time faculty at Boston University’s London base where she lectures in health and social psychology.

Her first book is “Emotional Rollercoaster – a journey through the science of feelings”, and Claudia’s new book Time Warped: Unlocking the mysteries of Time Perception came out in May 2013.

2 Minute Interview:

How does your talk at NOW Festival relate to being in the moment?

I shall be talking about our perception of time, so being in the moment is crucial. Why does time play tricks on us and warp in unexpected ways. Why is it that sometimes time feels as though it’s speeding up and at other times it’s slowing down?  How is it that we’re able to time-travel mentally at will into the past or into the future? And how can we stay in the present.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Festival slot?

I want people to inspire other people to think about time in a new way and to ask themselves how they see time. Is the future coming towards them or are they moving into the future. People can change their subjective perception of time.

Do you have any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your talk at NOW Festival?

My talk will give people the chance to learn how they can change their perception of time – how to stop the weekends feeling as if they flash by and how to plan better for your time in the future.

At NOW Festival (Secret Garden Party):

Claudia Hammond, the award-winning broadcaster, writer, psychology lecturer and presenter of ‘All in the Mind’ & ‘Mind Changers ‘on BBC Radio 4 will be talking about our perception of time. / @ClaudiaHammond