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Participant Spotlight: Belinda Freeman

Belinda FreemanBelinda Freeman (MindfulMind) is a Mindfulness Ambassador, Mindfulness coach and trainer, Integrative psychotherapist,  developer and practitioner of the unique Mindful massage. She has a long history of meditation and movement and has been practicing meditation for over 35 years, including Qi Gong, Hua Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Belinda has over 30 years’ experience in Complementary health care and mind/body therapy, with over 12 years training and experience in Integrative, Humanistic and Psychotherapy. She specialises in Mindful approaches to pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, stress, pain and depression, and abides by the guidelines and ethical framework in professional qualifications and training.


At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

Mindfulness for Parents and Children

We would all like to surf the waves of life’s challenges and struggle less. Mindfulness offers a surfboard to ride those waves with your eyes open, mind clear and body relaxed – rather than clutching on for dear life, clenching shut, and not really enjoying the ride at all. Mindful awareness is a wonderful foundation for parenting. This interactive workshop for parents & children (3+) explores how we can be more aware through experiments in speaking, listening, colour, senses, movement and sitting like a frog. We will focus on creating more curiosity, open mindedness, being present, kindness, ‘beginner’s mind’ and having fun together in simple ways.

Research shows that Mindfulness helps to:

  • Reduce stress, frustration & anger
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase concentration and learning skills
  • Improve wellbeing, & increase immunity
  • Increase emotional intelligence & enhance relationships
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase choices of self soothing and care
  • Increase self confidence, kindness and compassion


At Wilderness (August 2015)

Everyday Benefits of Mindful Parenting

We are so often so busy and under pressure to achieve as parents and children that we forget that all of the doing can take away from just being together. We’d all would like to surf the waves of life’s challenges and struggle less.  Mindfulness is the opportunity to rewire our brains for a more calm, peaceful and compassionate way of living.

This workshop will offer an evidence based, fun way of reducing stress and anxiety in parenting – a new A.B.C through Attention, Balance and Compassion. We will explore the benefits of mindfulness awareness and meditation in a non-judgmental and playful way and we will draw, move, see, listen, speak and sit to enhance our communication and relationship skills, practising mindfulness as a family and integrating it into everyday activities. Join us to explore Mindfulmind’s 12 Exercises of Mindful Parenting, a powerful and life-changing invitation.

Coming to Our Senses – Wild Swimming!

This practical & experiential workshop will offer the benefits of being present, with a bit of wild swimming at the Wilderness lake thrown in. Enjoy the opportunity to rest in your senses, exploring mindful seeing, hearing, tasting and body sensing. Often we get so busy that we get lost in our heads, thinking about the future, the past, what other people might be thinking and not enjoying what we have right here, right now. With fuller awareness we can enjoy the landscape of sound, colour, texture and aroma. Belinda Freeman of Mindfulmind invites you to let go of stress and join us in with us in a celebratory event, exploring what is here and jumping into the lake with wild abandon…


2 Minute Interview

How does your workshop with NOW Live Events relate to being in the moment?

Children have a joyous capacity to be in the moment. This workshop seeks to help parents and children to be more calm and have fun together. We will breath together, move together, doing just one thing, cultivating being calm, curious in the moment, patient, aware and compassionate. Mindful awareness of the senses allows parents to be connect on a peaceful level with simple activities.

At Wilderness – Coming to your Senses is creative sensual experience in being present with what is in: taste, aroma, texture, sound, touch, and sight. An opportunity to come off autopilot habits, to curious and cultivate mindful awareness, culminating in the art of mindful swimming.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your NOW Live Events slot?

Exploring with reduction calming activities with parents and children on a moment by moment basis. Being part of an event to help mothers, fathers and children to things differently to be more calm together.

At Wilderness – Offering a unique experience in connection with body sensations and meditating.

Any tips on how the audience can best benefit from your workshop with NOW Live Events?

Best treat the workshop as an experiment. With and open mind, a beginners mind, curious, willing to have a go.

At Wilderness – Bring along your beginners mind, curiosity, patience, open mind and a swim costume and towel. Oh and a sense of humour!  /  Facebook  /  @mindfulmind  /  Pinterest  /  Instagram