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Participant Spotlight: Anna Jones

Anna JonesAnna Jones (author of the acclaimed A Modern Way to Eat) worked for many years as part of Jamie Oliver’s food team and went on to work behind the scenes with some of the UK’s biggest food brands and best-known chefs, from Mary Berry to Yottam Ottolenghi. She believes that vegetables should be put at the centre of every table, and is devoted to helping people make a long-term commitment to eating well and feeling amazing.

At Wilderness (August 2015)

A Mindful Feast (with Dr. Tamara Russell)Anna Jones

Ever been guilty of inhaling your lunch at your desk? How often do you actually taste your food, savouring every mouthful, experiencing the flavours, textures, smells and using all of your senses in the process? Chef Anna Jones and Dr. Tamara Russell will take you through their take on eating and mindfulness in the kitchen. Each guest will make dishes from Anna’s plant based recipes while discussing the importance of how we eat as well what we eat. Guests will work in pairs to create amazing summer dishes and treats to feast on, exploring which memories and associations it evokes in us, where the food comes from and its journey to the plate.  /  @we_are_food