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Participant Spotlight: Subhadassi / Spread the Word

SubhadassiIn 1992, Subhaddasi was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order. His name means ‘He who sees beauty’. He is a writer/artist as well as a creative consultant, project manager and producer. He has had two books of poetry published, as well as having work broadcast on TV and radio, published in magazines, and exhibited. Additionally, he has received various public commissions, residencies and awards. He went to Japan in 2013 as part of the London Olympics Cultural Olympiad where he ran creative writing workshops in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Subhadassi’s event has been created in partnership with Spread The Word.

2 Minute Interview:

How does your workshop relate to being in the NOW?

Spread the Word and Subhadassi are delighted to be part of NOW Live Events at Depftord Lounge. ‘Writing on the Mirror’ will provide a brief exploration of what mindfulness is, a chance to try some mindfulness techniques and tools to apply mindfulness practice through a series of creative writing activities. We’re particularly keen to encourage those who may not classify themselves as a ‘writer’ to come along and try something new.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your slot at NOW?

I am most looking forward to meeting working with whoever turns up for the workshop!

Any tips on how the audience can most benefit from your workshop? 

Mindfulness is a powerful tool and this hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to it, both for application in everyday life and in writing – participants need to come with an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

At Deptford Lounge:

‘Writing on the Mirror’
The Novelist Pico Iyer has written that “The very act of…getting (words) out of the beehive of the head and onto the objective reality of paper…is a form of clarification.”

Spread the WordIn this hands-on workshop we will:

  • look at what mindfulness is
  • try out some mindfulness techniques
  • apply and cultivate mindfulness through doing some creative writing.

No experience of mindfulness or writing necessary! /