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Participant Spotlight: Qureshi

QureshiQureshi: The Esoteric Collective was born in late 2013 and is based in London. The band is comprised of six core members, who bring together rich and varied ethnicity and heritage. Qureshi is an experimental and interactive group, which blends cinematic sounds, jazz and hip hop fusion. They combine strings, woodwind and brass with electronic effects, and shape their unique sounds across interactive multimedia platforms. The band will entice the audience into interacting and becoming part of The Esoteric Collective through sound.

At Wilderness Festival (August 2014)

Qureshi is a live and interactive musical band and will have an assortment of traditional and electric instruments, including microphones, which festival-goers can use to create sound and noise.

2 Minute Interview:

How do your activities at Wilderness Festival relate to being in the NOW? 

Qureshi is all about the moment and playing whatever comes naturally. There are no mistakes as long as you’re in the NOW.

What are you most looking forward to doing at NOW at Wilderness?

We’re looking forward to interacting with festival-goers and being free!


At Deptford Lounge (June 2014)

Qureshi will be based at Deptford Lounge for the whole week from 23 – 28 June. The band will be finding out what your reactions are, what you are feeling and how much you are feeling in the NOW and enticing you into the sounds of the ‘Esoteric Collective’. On the day of their workshop (Friday 27 June, 5pm), Qureshi will take pre-recorded interviews and sounds from throughout the week at Deptford Lounge and play them as vocal loops or samples, transforming them into a song that will be composed on ‘music day’ by participants of the festival. The song will be available online after the event.

2 Minute Interview:

How does your workshop at Deptford Lounge relate to being in the NOW?

Qureshi will create one song / piece as a response to recording and interacting with participants over the week long NOW programme. Our work is all about capturing people’s emotions/feelings/reactions in that moment – allowing someone to express themselves instantly.

What are you most looking forward to doing within your slot at NOW at Deptford Lounge ?

We are looking forward to interacting with people and creating a unique piece of art.

Any tips on how the audience can most benefit from your workshop at Deptford Lounge 

Interaction is key. No experience necessary. All you need to do is interact.


The NOW Song from Deptford Lounge 2014 – created by Qureshi as a creative response to the week’s events: to listen to the NOW Song, click here.