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Participant Spotlight: Nikki Levitan

Nikki LevitanNikki is an empowerment coach, facilitator and community builder. She empowers people through facilitating creative spaces for personal growth and self discovery. Her passion is helping individuals, organisations, and communities to take self-leadership and bring about positive change. She works with people to identify and understand their driving values, and make powerful and conscious choices in their lives and places of work that are in alignment with their purpose.
Nikki is the founder of Community of Opportunity, a project committed to bringing transformational experiences through platforms for creativity, wellbeing and self-discovery.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

Values: Why have them?

Values can be used as foundations for our life, connecting us with the heart of who we are and a sense of belonging within our communities and world around us. Join empowerment coach and community builder Nikki Levitan to learn what values are, why they are important and take a deeper self-enquiry around our own values. We will define and explore our values through individual and group work and leave with some actions you can take forward and apply in your life.