NOW Live Events

Participant Spotlight: Meet Me at the Albany

Meet Me at the AlbanyMeet me At the Albany creates a social artistic space where we replace ‘having an agenda’ with an orchestration in the moment that is responsive and receptive to what emerges from participants, volunteers and artists in collaboration with each other. The work arises from a relational basis and allows for the unplanned.

NOW Live Events will be over to The Albany to explore mindful craft with Meet me at the Albany as part of our residency at Deptford Lounge.

2 Minute Interview:

How does what you do at Meet me at the Albany relate to being in the moment / engaging with the senses (NOW’s theme for 2014)?

It is a cross-arts approach where different mediums engage with all the senses from touch, sound, smell, taste, texture; and different artistic disciplines cross-fertilize so that new pieces of art can emerge that authentically express peoples voices.