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Participant Spotlight: Jana Stefanovska

Jana StefanovskaJana Stefanovska is the director of NOW Live Events. NOW focuses on mindfulness and self-development, tapping into our creative potential and bringing us to a conscious awareness of the present. NOW is also the partner of Psychologies Magazine in the UK. Before setting up and running NOW, Jana previously worked at Southbank Centre in many arts roles and has a passion for psychology, which she is currently studying at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London. She is committed to the practice of embodied, alive mindfulness in her own life and guiding people of all backgrounds and ages to realise their full potential through the transformative power of creativity. Jana is also one of the founders of the BeBox project, featuring within NOW’s programme, with the mantra ‘Still In The City’.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

Still in the City

Wellness- a human right or a human luxury? Jana Stefanovska, director of Welcome Home festival, will guide us through a variety of techniques to tap into our innate creativity, awareness and presence, allowing us to be still while in the city anytime, anywhere. We will find out what makes us all uniquely well – from focusing on our breath, to our ability to be grounded and centered in ourselves and our own unique creativity. Come and take some time to be still in the city, while still in the city… #stillinthecity / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube / Tumblr