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Participant Spotlight: Jackee Holder

Jackee Holder - NOW Live Event - March 2015

Jackee Holder shows up in the world as an executive coach, a coach trainer and an intuitive facilitator. She has run personal development and writing workshops and retreats, talks and seminars in the UK and internationally.

She’s the author of four books, 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well, Be Your Own Best Life Coach, The Journal Journey Guidebook and Soul Purpose. The core message of her work is spreading (and making accessible to as many people as possible) knowledge about the therapeutic benefits that can be gained from expressive and journal writing, which she calls the new Paper Therapy.

She loves trees, nature, walking, hanging out in bookshops and libraries. She rarely leaves home with out a pen and paper.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

The Write Prescription

Which challenges or difficulties can a writing prescription help you with? A growing body of research shows great evidence that therapeutic and expressive writing can help relieve many of your personal stresses and complaints. Writing helps. Writing heals. So come armed with your writing prescription requests and have fun putting your prescriptions to the test in this workshop. Come with an open heart, a curious mind and a couple of dilemmas you want to explore. / Linked In / @jackeeholder

Jackee’s Past Workshops with NOW

Psychologies Magazine Event Series (May 2016)

Writing to heal your life with Jackee Holder

Writing is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and it’s been shown that keeping a journal where you write about your emotions regularly can boost your mental wellbeing and physical health, helping you to feel happier. In this workshop with inspirational speaker, coach, writer and Psychologies Life Labs blogger Jackee Holder, you will practise expressive and therapeutic writing techniques designed to deal with everyday stresses, dilemmas and challenges, and to create opportunities for personal insight.

In this workshop you will:  

  • explore key writing prescriptions as remedies to understand emotions and problems
  • find ways to get meaning in your life
  • use writing as a tool for cultivating greater self-awareness and confidence
At Deptford Lounge (July 2015)

The Slow Creative (with Sarah Hickson)

We are fast becoming a society that favours speed over slow but what if slow actually creates more time, not less?

The slow creative workshop brings together local artists Sarah Hickson and Jackee Holder in a multi media workshop bringing together the art of slow writing and the art of slow photography. The growth of taking photos on iPhones and tablets means we have morphed into a nation that doesn’t really look. We click but we don’t really see and we miss so much about the images we capture on our cell phones and tablets.

Sarah will introduce you to the fine delicacies of looking and seeing and Jackee will seduce you to savour the images and sensations in words in a series of slow writing and walking prompts using the back drop of our lived environments. This workshop is open to beginning photographers, writers and for those seeking inspiration for their creative businesses and projects. The workshop also welcomes those working in a range of professions who want to slow down but are not sure how to make that happen in a meaningful way.

Psychologies Magazine Event Series (March 2015)

Paper Therapy: Writing to Grow and Thrive in Life

Writing is powerful and transformative. Writing attunes emotional intelligence, deepens empathy and creativity and cultivates mindfulness, all tools to live a more meaningful life. What if you had access to a creative library of journaling and writing tools that are unique and fun, easy to apply in everyday life, containing therapeutic and psychological benefits and allowing you to take charge, becoming your own best paper therapist?

In this interactive workshop with speaker, coach, writer and Psychologies Life Lab expert Jackee Holder, you will learn:

  • How to get excited about journal writing for wellbeing, career and business growth
  • How to have fun regularly writing and making journal entries that don’t feel like a chore
  • How journaling is one of the fastest growing ways to self motivate, improve productivity and performance to grow your passion so you stand out from the crowd
  • A bundle of techniques to coach yourself on paper including juicy journal prompts, journal templates for letter writing, writing poetry and thank you notes
  • How just by turning up to write (and it doesn’t need to be perfect) you improve your chances of greater life satisfaction
At Wilderness Festival (August 2014) and Deptford Lounge (June 2014)

“Writing changes lives and lives are changed by writing.” 

This will be a taster Paper Therapy session, which will be a hands-on session writing in the now and in the moment. Using notebooks, images, scraps of paper, index cards, luggage tags and large sheets of paper, where and what you write on or in will be up to you.

The focus of the workshop will be a series of writing prompts designed to bring to life feelings, emotions, dreams and desires and if you hit that right spot on the page, untold stories or stories you didn’t know existed.

You’ll be invited to awaken mind, body and soul through a series of writing sprints, expressive writing and mindfulness breathing exercises, bringing together the flow that exists in the space between the writing and the breath.

Discover writing prescriptions that will improve your well-being, lower stress and offers a range of physical and emotional benefits.