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Participant Spotlight: Harriet Hoult

Harriet Hoult

Harriet Hoult is both an abstract artist and graphic designer, living and working in London. Her time is split between her studio, where she paints and runs her graphic design business, with designer Anna Delis.  She has also trained in Art Therapy which has a strong influence on her style of artwork. She paints mainly in acrylic, but she also uses collage, oil pastels and watercolour. She has exhibited in London as well as in the US and most recently her work could be seen at the Affordable Art Fair in London.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016)

Our Unique Creative Process

Led by festival director Jana Stefanovska and abstract artist and art therapist Harriet Hoult, this workshop will explore what the creative process is and how it can help and inspire each of us in our daily lives.  There will be the chance to delve into our own process individually with a variety of arts materials, while following therapeutic exercises in order to delve further into your own unique creative process. Come and get messy, get creative and get stuck in!