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Participant Spotlight: Anna Marie Gayle

Anna Marie GayleAnna is a fully qualified teacher of the 5Rhythms — a conscious movement meditation practice that is therapeutic, artistic, free-spirited and fun. Anna has been dancing this way for 8 years now and before that had trained in contemporary, flamenco, african & street dance styles. She is also a performer and theatre practitioner in the process of setting up her own movement based social enterprise and is bringing this approach and style into work in her local community in East London. Anna is passionate about developing confidence & creativity and promoting diversity and social equality in her work. She is currently running groups with women and young people and is interested in bridging the gap between the healing and performing arts.

At Deptford Lounge (July 2016) and at Margate Bookie (August 2016)

Home is Where the Dance Is

Our bodies are the homes we live in! Every experience we have begins and ends there. Groundedness, presence and aliveness in the body affects the way we relate to each other and to the world around us. The more we are happy in our bodies, the more we can move from that place – the more creative and effective we can be in our lives…

This will be a soulful, inspiring & uplifting hour long morning session introducing the basic fundamentals of conscious movement practice. 5 Rhythms dance teacher and theatre practitioner Anna Marie Gayle invites you to get into your dance as the starting place and inspiration for all the action & interaction of your day…